IT security

The increasing global networking, regulatory and corporate requirements are demanding an even higher standard in IT security.
IMS Kommunikationstechnik GmbH Vertriebspartner von Rohde&Schwarz

To accomplish these requirements, we can offer you the corresponding products as a sales partner of Rohde & Schwarz.

R&S SITLine ETH 40G - Highspeed Ethernet Encryptor

Big data: security at unparalleled speed

The R&S SITLine ETH 40G was specially designed for the encrypted, realtime exchange of enormous amounts of data. It is the first encryptor that optimizes the performance-critical characteristics of bandwidth, latency, quality of service, port density and energy consumption in a single box.

Encryption takes place on the data link layer (layer 2). This provides a major advantage: Security overhead is reduced by up to 40 percent compared with IP encryption (layer 3), thereby saving bandwidth.

This new encryptor class is ideal in particular for data center operators and users, for utilization in backbone networks and for use with high-speed WAN connections. It offers protection in public and private networks without compromising their efficiency.

R&S®SITGate: Next-Gen-Firewall & IP VPN

The R&S®SITGate is revolutionizing the concept of next-generation firewalls. It maximizes network security by employing a completely application-based approach to positively validate all network traffic. The R&S®SITGate permanently analyzes every single IP packet in order to determine its application type and content. Only data that is fully validated can pass. This means that the network is secured against data loss, both inbound and outbound.

R&S®SITGate also secures site-to-site networking with IP encryption. Two protocols are available: IPsec and OpenVPN. IPsec can further be used to set up VPN connections with thirdparty IPsec encryptors. The standard VPN clients from Android, iOS, Windows, MacOS and Linux operating

systems are supported so that mobile devices and home office equipment can be connected using client-to-site VPNs.

R&S®SITLine ETH Ethernet Encryptor

R&S®SITLine ETH is a family of Ethernet encryptors. They protect companies and organizations against espionage and the manipulation of data transported via Ethernet over landline, radio relay and satellite links. The devices combine easy administration (including separated network and security management) with a compact form factor and low system costs. They are BSI-approved for classified communications at German and NATO RESTRICTED security levels.

TopSec Mobile - tap-proof phone calls

The TopSec Mobile crypto device from Rohde & Schwarz SIT enables tap-proof phone calls via iPhones and Android smartphones. It will be presented at CeBIT 2014 with a considerably expanded functional range: Tap-proof voice encryption will also be possible for VoIP calls via PC and laptop.

Another innovation is the TopSec Office Gateway, which allows employees on the go to make encrypted calls on their mobile phones to all the phone extensions in their organization. This safeguards calls from the TopSec Mobile to the company’s telephone system against outside attacks, enabling all internal employees to be reached via an encrypted connection.

The crucial advantage over pure app solutions, which can be undermined by Trojans and viruses: With the TopSec Mobile, audio input, encryption, decryption and audio output are done on the crypto device. The computer or smartphone is merely used to transmit the already encrypted data.


The R&S®CryptoServer is a high-performance, tamper-proof cryptographic hardware security module (HSM) for protecting electronic identities, transactions and data. One of its primary areas of use is in public key infrastructures. The R&S®CryptoServer has been certified by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) and by the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

R&S®CryptoServer is extremely flexible and offers maximum security for:

  • Electronic identities in commercial and government environments (eID, PKI)
  • Document management/archiving, database encryption
  • Cashless payment transactions (ePayment)
  • Electronic billing (eBilling)
  • Electronic allocation systems
  • Time stamp applications