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IMS Microwave Solutions

For places where the classic leased lines are stretched to their limits due to the required bandwidth or in connection ranges, which are not equipped for DSL or other high-capacity connections.

With this in mind, we offer with our licence-free and licensed microwave solutions reasonably priced and high-quality products.

Designed for bandwidths from 10 to 10,000 Mbit/s with a large range and extremely high availability, these solutions, as well as transferring data, are also well-suited as back-up solutions in connection with an existing leased line. Protected microwave solutions are also possible.

Advantages of a Microwave link

  • Economic Effect
    By using a microwave link, costs for existing leased lines can be saved and investment costs to build a new fixed-line connection can be avoided. Comparatively low one-off investment costs and annual maintenance costs will be incurred.
  • Sustainability
    Installed microwave links are characterised by a long period of use. If the requirements remain unchanged, these connections have a life cycle of up to 10 years
  • Short Start-up Phase
    Once all contractual and licensing questions have been clarified, the installation and start-up phase takes a period of 2-3 days. Subsequently the connection is immediately available.
  • Flexible Range
    Our microwave products can be flexibly deployed up to the connecting point depending on the heights of buildings, building developments and differences in height of the terrain with differing ranges.
  • Minimal Weather Interference
    The stability of a microwave link, allowing for extreme weather conditions, is very high and amounts to 99.995%.
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For further information, please contact our Sales Representative Patrick Rechlin or our information hotline.