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Range of Services in Cable Assembly

Kabelkonfektion - IMS Kommunikationstechnik GmbH in Leipzig/ Sachsen
Cables are an integral part of all types of communication systems. They exist in varying sizes and qualities depending on the area of use and the field of application.

Cables and cable systems are in most cases distinct and often require tailored solutions depending on the area of use, the system parameters, the quality requirements and the particular operating site.

IMS Kommunikationstechnik assembles and configures, according to customers´ requests, any quantities of top quality, fully wired cables and cable systems for various fields, from made-to-order production to mass production.

IMS Kommunikationstechnik supplies:

  • Copper and fibre optic data cables for communication and data networks in the industrial sector
  • HF-Cables
  • Electrical and control cables