Seminar Microwave Systems for Installation Staff

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9:00 am - 5:00 pm


The demands on your employees are constantly increasing with the speed of technical change. Transmission technology, which satisfies today’s requirements, is already out-of-date tomorrow.

In the course for Installation staff the target group is primarily installers and technicians, who have to install microwave systems, put them into operation and conduct fault clearance while doing maintenance work.

A short theoretical introduction is followed by a detailed course based on a practical example, led by our licensed instructor. Here, your existing knowledge is tested, updated and enhanced on microwave links that need programming.

After the course you can decide which further knowledge is required by your employees.

Themes advanced courses:

  • mechanical components
  • Function of the module (Block diagram)
  • Presettings
  • Management Software based on manufacturer’s example
  • Programming of links
  • Fault tracing and clearance

After successfully completing the course all participants receive a certificate from the company IMS Kommunikationstechnik GmbH.

Contact Person:
Mario Feige
Tel. 0341 226910-30