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IMS Kommunikationstechnik GmbH mit Standort in Leipzig

IMS Kommunikationstechnik GmbH is a company, but thanks to its long-term employees an experienced company, with its headquarters in Leipzig. We plan, erect and maintain modern infrastructure and system technology components for our customers in the fields of Telecommunication, Building Services Engineering and Energy engineering.

Our team consists of a variety of qualified and highly-motivated employees. We expand our core staff when necessary with experienced freelance consultants, who have already impressed us on previous projects with their extremely good performance.
By means of our existing work safety, quality and environmental management system all tasks required to achieve an optimal and continuous product quality and the responsibility for the implementation are defined. The implementation of our processes takes place in environmentally friendly conditions.

The essential principle is that work safety, quality and environmental performance are not attempted but rather are rendered by the commitment of each employee and the good cooperation between all parties involved.

The following principles are defined in detail by the management:

  • Company Strategy
    We focus our resources on selected product areas and services from antenna and communication technology. We aspire to be a reliable global partner for our clients.
  • Customer Satisfaction
    We seek to lead the way in terms of customer satisfaction and to sustain and improve our reliability.
  • Employees
    We want qualified and satisfied employees, who serve our customers in a concentrated and motivated manner. We as customers, in an internal context and for the purpose of process orientation, also see the departments and the employees respectively, and pass on to them our own productivity.
  • Product Quality
    We want to offer customized products at a fair value-for-money ratio.
  • Production
    We aspire to manufacture our products using the most advanced production technologies and processes.
  • Profitability
    We want and need economic success for our company to ensure the legal and economic independence and future of IMS Kommunikationstechnik GmbH. This is the basis for market-driven products, optimal customer satisfaction and the security of our employees´ workplaces.
  • Improvement of the environmental performance and prevention of pollution
    All employees, including employees from companies contracted by us, are required to actively contribute to the improvement of the environmental performance and to prevent unnecessary pollution. In particular, it is important to use materials, fuel, energy and resources economically.
  • Compliance with the legal requirements
    Compliance with the legal requirements is understood by all employees, including those who work for contractors. It is a vital basis for the secure progress of all processes and the protection of the employees and the environment.As a certified company we set a clear signal for our customers and partners – with the company IMS Kommunikationstechnik GmbH you have a partner that fulfils customer requirements comprehensively and with high quality, and ascribes a high priority to the ecological challenges.With the commitment to implement the quality and environmental management system based on the requirements of DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and DIN EN ISO14001:2009 we see for us, our customers and our partners a solid base for further successful work together.